These are suggestions! Please let us know if there are other ways you want to help!

Classroom Level Volunteering (Contact your child’s teacher.)

  1. Tell stories to children

  2. Listen to children read

  3. Conduct flash card drills

  4. Help with handwriting practice

  5. Help children learn to type

  6. Practice spelling words

  7. Practice vocabulary with non-English speaking students

  8. Provide individual student help

  9. Assist in learning centers

  10. Set up learning centers

  11. Make instructional games

  12. Play instructional games

  13. Reproduce materials

  14. Prepare bulletin boards

  15. Assist with field trips

  16. Help children with arts and crafts

  17. Discuss careers or hobbies

School Level (contact Principal Cohea at heather.cohea@inglesideisd.org

  1. Set-up a positive behavior incentive program

  2. Set up an after school club to learn a foreign language

  3. Set up an after school club to learn a musical instrument

  4. Help with physical education activities

  5. Demonstrate different artistic abilities (dance, painting, etc.)

  6. Discuss life from the point of view of different backgrounds and experiences

  7. Develop a school garden

  8. Help prepare assembly programs

  9. Discuss holidays and special occasions

  10. Discuss aspects of safety

  11. Share information about local history

  12. Help in the library

  13. Help with book fairs

  14. Help with school wide events