Dear Parents/Guardians,

We will be making a modification to drop-off and pick-up beginning tomorrow, February 16, 2022. Students will begin getting out of the vehicle in the morning and getting into the vehicle in the afternoon on their own. We ask that you still pull up as far as possible and come to a complete stop before your child/children get out of or into the vehicle. Please get into the driveway passed the marquee sign before letting them out. If your child gets out of or in the vehicle on the driver side, away from the curb, we still want to assist those students for safety reasons. Also, if you still want your child assisted out of the vehicle, we ask that the child wait in the vehicle until a staff member can assist them out. As always, the safety of our students is a top priority. We will evaluate this change for the remainder of the year and make any adjustments if needed.

I would also like to remind parents that the staff parking lot is not a designated drop-off area. However, there are some circumstances (office staff is aware of these circumstances) for which parents are stopping and dropping off in the staff parking lot. We remind those parents that the student must be walked across the bus driveway by the adult for the safety of the child.


Kenneth O. Dykes

Principal, GJM Elementary